Dr. Shah

invasive angiologist / phlebologist

Treatment of arterial and venous diseases

Dr. Shah applies the most advanced methods of treatment and diagnosis of vascular diseases.


laser ablation

Laser ablation

Laser therapy is among the most effective methods for the treatment of varicose veins



Minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of varicose and spider veins



A method of treating venous insufficiency without the use of laser energy



Ultrasound diagnostics and state-of-the-art techniques for the treatment of vascular diseases



Minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of small varicose veins

compression therapy

Compression therapy

Helps improve circulation and reduce swelling in the legs

venous wounds

Treatment of wounds

Venous wounds are the result of malfunctioning venous valves


Endovascular treatment

Venous wounds are the result of malfunctioning venous valves

Complex care for

longer and fuller life

I provide it to you thanks to my long experience in vascular surgery, cardiology and angiology clinics. I take care of your varicose veins, diagnose vascular disorders, offer adequate treatment. I am at your disposal for prophylaxis and guidance on prevention of possible blood vessel problems.

With care to you

Varicose veins are a problem for one in three people in the world. About 30-40% of Bulgarians suffer from blood vessel problems, and the number of affected women is significantly higher than that of men. The main problem in most of them is poor diagnosis, respectively ineffective treatment

dr. Shah
dr Shah
What is angiology?
  • A medical specialty dealing with the functioning and diseases of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, which include veins, arteries, and small blood vessels.
What diseases does it treat?
  • arterial – aneurysms, stenoses, thromboses, vasculitis;
  • venous – varicose veins, thrombophlebitis and phlebothrombosis, pulmonary embolism, thrombophilia;
  • microcirculatory – Raynaud’s syndrome and microembolism;
  • lymphedema
When should I look for an angiologist?
  • for pain and heaviness in the legs;
  • numbness and dullness of the feet when walking;
  • in swelling, itching, “tingling” in the legs;
  • for dizziness, vertigo and tinnitus;
  • when feeling a strong pulsation in the abdomen;
  • for varicose veins and capillaries;
  • in chronic and non-healing wounds.
How do I book an appointment?
  • By phone – call +359892996006 or +35956996006
  • On the spot – visit MC Staykov, Burgas
  • Online: Superdoc.bg
  • Online consultations: healee.com
  • Opening hours: 9:00-17:00

Choose the most convenient way to book your angiology appointment.

Dr Mobarakshah performs check-ups under NHIS, with referral code 73, he is also available for paid appointments and you can also consult him online from the comfort of your home.

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