About me

dr. N. Mobarakshah


invasive angiologist / phlebologist

dr. Shah

About me

My name is Dr Nasratullah Mobarakshah. I was born in 1978. My childhood dream was to become a doctor and help people, and luckily for me I managed to make it come true. I am a specialist in angiology and phlebology with many years of experience gained at home and abroad. In Bulgaria, my professional path passes through hospitals such as SofiaMed, Ajibadem City Clinic, Heart and Brain, BurgasMed, and IC Staykov in Burgas.

I have held positions of responsibility in a number of medical institutions and have participated in numerous national and international scientific forums in the field of angiology.

Since day one of my medical practice, I have been completely dedicated to my patients and the successful treatment of their arterial and venous vascular disease.

my values

What is important to me as a doctor and what are the principles I rely on in my work:

comprehensive care for a longer and fuller life

I provide it to you thanks to my long experience in vascular surgery, cardiology and angiology clinics. I take care of your varicose veins, diagnose vascular disorders, offer adequate treatment. I am at your disposal for prophylaxis and guidance on prevention of possible blood vessel problems.


full understanding of the patient’s concerns

I know that a calm patient who is told in detail what their condition is and what their treatment options are, makes more appropriate decisions about their own health and can get better faster. That is why I take enough time to reassure you, to answer your questions, to be available for your advice and opinion.

dr. Shah

effective solution at any stage of the disease

Most vascular disorders are asymptomatic, and the list of pathologies – extremely long. Diagnosis at an early stage, the duration of the disease and the quality of life of the patient depend largely on the experience and expertise of the doctor. I have a specialisation and over 15 years of experience in the fields of internal medicine, cardiology, angiology and phlebology.

varicose veins

are a problem for every third person in the world. About 30-40% of Bulgarians suffer from blood vessel problems, and the number of affected women is significantly higher than that of men.

The main problem in most of them is poor diagnosis, respectively ineffective treatment.

Book an appointment for an examination, do not allow your condition to deteriorate rapidly.

I perform examinations under the NHIS, with referral code 73, and I am available for paid appointments.

dr. Shah